Mexico Trip Journal

We had about two weeks of vacation/holidays in December 2008 and given that it was December, we only had one place to go - south. We had been to Mexico enough times. The only place (well, we don't like beach resorts) where we can spend two weeks with enough to do would be Mexico City and we had been there twice already. So we decided to brave it and try visit few cities this time. We fully expected problems with Pranav's motion sickness when travelling between the cities. Note that we were of the opinion that Avomine/Dramamine are not to be tried on a one year old. Pranav was still on Gerber food and Enfamil. We carried his entire supply with us. That was a heavy baggage to carry. But it got lighter as the trip progressed and spared us from having to run around strange cities in search of baby food. We bought diapers on the go.

What worked/What didn't