The capital letters stand for higher / tivre / sharp notes. The small letters stand for lower / komal / flat notes. The complete index for the notes is given below:













Suddha Rishabha

D Flat

Ri Komal


Chatusruti Rishabha

D Sharp

Ri Tivre


Sadharana Gandhara

E Flat

Ga Komal


Antara Gandhara

E Sharp

Ga Tivre


Suddha Madhyama

F Flat

Ma Komal


Prati Madhyama

F Sharp

Ma Tivre






Suddha Dhaivata

A Flat

Da Komal


Chatusruti Dhaivata

A Sharp

Da Tivre


Kaisiki Nishadha

B Flat

Ni Komal


Kakali Nishadha

B Sharp

Ni Tivre

For the higher octave the notes is succeeded by a + sign and for the lower octave the notes is followed by a - sign. For example n- denote Kaisiki nishadha in the lower octave and R+ indicate Chatusruti Rishabha in the higher octave.

To avoid rewriting the lines which are getting repeated I have given line numbers so that I could refer to those lines by their line numbers.

The notes present within flower brackets '{}' must be played at a higher speed than the other notes. If there is only one note present in the bracket then just give a touch of the note (don't prolong the note for a long time). That note is present to give better effect to the song. The notes present inside simple brackets '()' stand for the intrumental sounds which sometimes forms an integral part of a song. Usually if a note has to be prolonged it is followed by a series of dots. But the number of dots don't signify the duration of the note. That you can get by trying out for yourself. Note that these notes gives you only an outline of the song. You can perfect the song by experimenting with these notes

Please note that:

1) There could be some errors in the notes. If you find any please let me know so that I could make corrections.

2) You would have noticed that the notes are in Indian format. I am not very familiar with western notation. I am trying to convert these notes to western format. If you can convert any song into western notation please send them to me so that I can include them in the page.

3) I am trying to get notes for many other songs. If you have notes of any other Hindi or Tamil song please send them to me.

4) The lyrics of the song have been added to most of the songs so that it is easier to understand and play. Effort has been made to keep the notes below the corresponding lyrics as far as possible. I am trying to get the lyrics of more songs. If you have them please send them to me. Your help in any of the above four sections will be highly appreciated.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I am highly indebted to my friend Ripon Sarkar, B.Tech IIT Madras, who was a great help to me in making these notes. I am thankful to few other contributers whose name appear at the bottom of the songs they have contributed.