Egypt : Luxor Temple

Court of Ramesis II

Court of Ramesis II, Luxor Temple

Abu el-Haggag Mosque
Court of Amenophis III
Luxor Temple, unlike the megalomaniac's delight of Karnak, is an average sized temple of ancient Egypt. It is dedicated to Amun's consort Mut and their son Khonsu. During the ancient new year festival of Opet the procession of Amun's barque used to arrive here from Karnak for a month long stay. The Luxor temple is primarily built by two pharaohs, Amenophis III and Ramesis II.

Like Karnak, a part of the avenue of sphinxes which connected the two temples can be seen outside the Luxor temple as well. The temple is fronted by two colossal statues of Ramesis and a 25m high obelisk whose pair now stands in the Palace de la Concorde in Paris. The most interesting structure of Luxor temple is a mosque of Abu el Haggag whose demolition, not surprisingly, was opposed by the locals when the temple was being excavated. The mosque currently sits on top of the Luxor temple.

Abu el-Haggag Mosque

Abu el-Haggag Mosque

The highlight of the temple is easily the two courtyards : the courts of Amenophis III and Ramesis II. Engraved on the walls of the courtyards are the scenes from the Opet festival. Most of our knowledge about this event comes from these reliefs.

Court of Amenophis III

The court of Amenophis III

The inner sections of the temple contains a sanctuary of the temple was constructed by Alexander the great and a room used as a Coptic chapel.

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