Tips on Travelling With Kids

We really don't think we are qualified to give advice on how to travel with kids. Every child is different and every family is different. So what works for one may not work for another. So this page is more of a collection of what worked for us and what didn't and not a series of dos and don'ts for you to follow strictly on your travel. We are South Indian vegetarians. We have only one kid - a son. He is prone to motion sickness and is a low to mid functioning autistic. If you share any of these descriptions/background, you will find this page more useful than other parents. If this page actually inspires anyone with an autistic or a motion-sick kid (or any kid for that matter) to travel/not give up travelling, we will consider our effort a resounding success! In case any of you have any advice for us, please share them with us. This page is more of what we tried to make a trip work with our kid. It need not be the most optimal way we could have gone about doing it. We would not know any better if you guys don't tell us about it. Here is a summary of things that worked for us

Here are the list of trips we took with our son. In order to give it a context, I have also added a few of his major milestones in the list. I plan to add a link to each of these trips and in there, I will describe the day-to-day events focusing on our son. This is not a full fledged travel journal as I don't plan to describe what we saw/did that day in any great detail. If you happen to go to the exact same places or a similar place especially with a child of a similar age, (we hope) you would find these journals more useful than the summary above. These write-ups are based on meticulous notes that my wife had jotted down in her journals: Before I am done, I would like to add that overall our travels have gone more hard and restrictive after our son was born. If you want a quick answer to the question as to whether kids affect travelling lifestyle in a negative way, it would be yes (purely from our experience). Yes, there are families that have taken amazing journeys. But we would like to stick our head out and claim that they have (like us) travelled "despite" kids and not "because of" kids. But it is not all doom and gloom. Here are some of the things that have actually improved because of our son.